Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Corn Beetle Model Progress

I wasn't too crazy about the idea of starting a new human model completely from scratch – I can do it, but it's annoying.

Fortunately, I didn't have to.

I still have a model I made during summer break that I can use as a base. I just have to tweak it and retexture it.

Listen to my expert (ha) advice: don't hesitate to recycle your old stuff.
It can save you a lot of time and annoyance.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I was hoping you'd know"

Armor Redesigns

I've also made some modifications to two of the protagonist's other suits.

I've simplified the upper arm (I believe this is called the rerebrace) on the "Blue Roach" armor.

I've made quite a few changes to the "Lobster" armor. It's a bit more elaborate and decorative now.

Originally, the two suits were nearly identical save for the paint job.

Also, here's the protagonist's starting armor. It's called "Corn Beetle."

Finally, here are all four of the armor designs in silhouette.

Devil Armor

The design is cool, but I'm not too fond of the color scheme on this armor…

Monday, September 12, 2011

They like their privacy.


Remember, station security is paramount. There are reports of pirate activity near the Lyx system, so all unidentified craft approaching Lyx-4 Station are to be destroyed on sight.

Database Entry – Roach

Biomech Roachform

These vermin, informally called roaches, commonly infest spacecraft, factories, military installations, and research facilities – anywhere were you can find mechanical or electronic equipment. They are native to an unnamed planet in the Oxfard system, and are named for their similarity - both in appearance and resilience – to the Earth cockroach.

Roaches were not originally bio-mechanical organisms. This state was the result of the unsanctioned experimentation of one Doctor Athens Bel. Doctor Bel believed that the roach, with its adaptability and alleged intelligence, would work as a cheaper alternative to Deicorp Robotics service drones.

Deicorp products are famous for their reliability in all situations, so it would have been perfectly acceptable for Bel's supervisor to end the project and dismiss, or at least demote, the doctor. However, he allowed Athens Bel to work on the 'cyber-roach' for several months.

Obviously, Dr. Bel failed to get results. When the project was terminated, all of the roaches were supposed to be destroyed, but clearly some escaped.

Roaches are dangerous pests – they damage mechanisms and occasionally attack people. They are also notorious for being able to infiltrate any facility, and are very hard to exterminate. Fortunately, they are not very durable – small arms of any kind can kill a roach, and the 'Photon Beam' on a standard Spear Tool-set is effective even on the lowest setting.

There are rumors that roaches have been seen repairing mechanisms and electronics, but these are fiction. Remember that only government approved robots are proper mechanics, and Deicorp Robotics produces the finest maintenance drones in known space.

–Excerpt from the official Deicorp Industries information database

Cybernetic Cockroaches

Wow. I almost forgot what my gmail address was.
That was rather embarrassing.



Biomec-Roaches have been spotted in both Storage Sectors and Research Wing A.

Do not leave electrical devices or mechanical parts unattended. All staff have been issued Vector-Class stun pistols. Safety protocol requires that you carry your weapon Belligerence Discourager with you at all times. Be familiar with its use.

Whoever is responsible for letting these vermin on Lyx Station, report to security for execution Friendly Evaluation.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lyx-4 Station

Construction of a new facility is now complete, and the science team has begun researching the alien station.

Scientific Discovery

You have been granted Level 23 security clearance! You are now an "Unpleasant Sub-Maggot Lifeform!"

You may now view a top-secret image.

A mining expedition recently discovered this structure – apparently constructed by an unknown alien race – while searching the <CLASSIFIED> for valuable <CLASSIFIED>. The miners agreed to keep this discovery secret after they were accidently thrown out an airlock.

A joint military / science team has been dispatched to study this alien space station.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Remember, this information is classified! If you share classified data, your security clearance will be revoked, and your title will be changed to "Deep-Fried."

Have a nice day!

Sanctuary Fortress


I think the Sanctuary Fortress is probably my favorite Metroid environment.

Why is this relevant, you ask?

That information is CLASSIFIED.

Let's get this party started

Hello everybody.
This is my blog for my Senior Project at the College for Creative Studies.
Your current security clearance is at level 24. Your current title is "Unusually Uninteresting Dust Particle."
Work hard, and maybe you'll be promoted to "Unpleasant Sub-Maggot Lifeform!"
All other information is currently CLASSIFIED.

Have a nice day.