Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gatling Gun of Glass

It's always the happy little surprises that keep me going through the day.

Take a look at this:

...and now, take a look at THIS:

My intent was to use a bump map to give the impression of a six-barreled machine gun on a simple cylinder. Things took a bit of a different turn.

The material looks pretty amazing, especially if you zoom in and rotate around the gun. It looks like it's made out of semi-transparent crystal or glass.

It's a pretty simple effect to achieve - I used a phong material, with a color and bump map.

 Use a couple of gradients on the bump map to turn the single cylinder into a multi-barrel gun.

For the color map...

...create an appropriately angled brush with low roundness and a moderately high spacing attribute, then paint vertically or horizontally along the barrel as appropriate. Use both light colors and dark colors.

Next time: CHAINSAWS!

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