Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fighting Luchador Robots

Luckily, a blog isn't a physical room, and doesn't take a lot of effort to clean up.

When you last heard from me about a hundred years ago, I was working on this guy.

He's a wrestling-themed robot with a TV screen for a face.

Said TV screen can 'mold' itself using normal maps.

I can combine one of the color textures (left) with one of the incandescence textures (center) to create a face, and use one of the normal maps (right) to give it shape.

Among the many faces you see is a Luchador mask (bottom right on the color and normal map) and a demon face (three down, four across on the color and normal map). These faces have multiple associated incandescence textures, so they can be animated to a degree.

I also gave the Bruiser a Stand (think Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) for so reason.

Ignore the fact that it only has one arm.

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